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Mental Health Bed Availability
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Program Details  
Mental Health Bed Availability
Program Details
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-  Inpatient
-  Intensive
-  Group Home
-  Supervised
-  Transitional
-  Respite
Agency   Ability Beyond
Program   Residential Recovery Program
Service   Supervised
Address   Danbury, CT
Phones   203-448-3186
Beds   10 Total  -  (0) Open
Description   Located in the Danbury area, we offer transitional, housing and supportive services in a milieu setting to adults with a primary psychiatric disorder. Some have a co-occurring substance abuse diagnosis. Our goal is to help individuals achieve stability, develop adaptive living skills necessary to a more independent setting and to facilitate community inclusion. The model is structured to provide support while promoting maximum independence. Supports provided include but are not limited to case management to work on individualized goals, psycho educational services to work on symptom management, assistance with daily living skills including medication monitoring, personal hygiene, housekeep, cooking and nutrition, recreation/community based opportunities and referrals for mental health and employment services. The program has a recovery component and facilitate access to community supports such as Narcotics Anonymous(NA), Alcoholics Anonymous(AA) and Dual Recovery Anonymous(DRA).
For questions or comments please contact DMHAS at 860-418-6946