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Mental Health Bed Availability
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Program Details  
Mental Health Bed Availability
Program Details
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-  Inpatient
-  Intensive
-  Group Home
-  Supervised
-  Transitional
-  Respite
Agency   The Connection
Program   Park St. Inn
Service   Intensive
Address   New Haven, CT
Phones   860-262-7129
Beds   15 Total  -  (0) Open
Description   Park Street Inn provides a therapeutic, homelike atmosphere, where residents who present with serious persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders can safely address their individual needs. Through a high-structure, low demand community setting, the program is designed to support the recovery of persons who previously were unable to access the appropriate combination of resources and require a high level of support to assist them in developing fundamental skills that will allow them to return to their community. The program provides onsite clinical services and medication management, vocational training, and recovery planning, daily living skills support and development and collaborates with community partners to ensure continuity of care.
For questions or comments please contact DMHAS at 860-418-6946