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Mental Health Bed Availability
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Program Details  
Mental Health Bed Availability
Program Details
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-  Inpatient
-  Intensive
-  Group Home
-  Supervised
-  Transitional
-  Respite
Agency   The Connection
Program   Cornerstone
Service   Group Home
Address   New Haven, CT
Phones   203-974-7311
Beds   8 Total  -  (0) Open
Description   The Cornerstone group home provides psycho-social rehabilitation to adults with prolonged mental illness who meet the criteria for Medicaid Rehab Option services due to significant skill deficits in social and daily living functioning in a therapeutic home-like environment. Through participation in 40 hours of MRO services a month, residents are provided with an opportunity to build upon their skills so that they can transition to a more independent living environment. Referred residents should have the ability to participate in 40 hours of group programming a month and have the capacity to obtain new skills.
For questions or comments please contact DMHAS at 860-418-6946