Connecticut Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Mental Health Services Available
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Mental Health Services Available
Program Details
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Agency   Pathways
Program   Milbank Group Residence
Service   Group Home
Address   Greenwich, CT
Phones   860-573-3766
Beds   8 Total  -  (0) Open
Description   Located in Greenwich, CT, and designed to assist individuals with serious and persistent mental illnesses to achieve their highest degree of independent functioning and recovery. Access to mental health group home rehabilitative services is provided to those recipients whose mental illness is so severe and disabling that the individual requires care in a group home setting. Necessary rehabilitative services are provided by the group home to individuals who have significant skill deficits in the areas of self-care, illness management, and independent living as a result of their psychiatric disability and who require a non-hospital, 24/7 supervised community-based residence. Rehabilitative services are provided in a structured recovery environment, with on-site staffing twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Residents at this level of care must participate in 40 hours/month of groups and/or individual intervention time and are expected to attend the Pathways day program Mon-Fri.
For questions or comments please contact DMHAS at 860-418-6835