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Mental Health Bed Availability
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Program Details  
Mental Health Bed Availability
Program Details
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-  Inpatient
-  Intensive
-  Group Home
-  Supervised
-  Transitional
-  Respite
Agency   Whiting Forensic Hospital
Program   Forensic Inpatient Rehabilitation
Service   Forensics
Address   Middletown, CT
Phones   860-262-5400
Beds   37 Total  -  (17) Open
Description   These court ordered inpatient services provided in a maximum security setting of Whiting Forensic Hospital intensive medically and behaviorally directed treatment for individuals with serious mental illness and/or substance use disorders who have demonstrated sufficient stability to transition from an acute inpatient setting but continue to require inpatient treatment or forensic evaluation in a maximum security setting. Individuals receiving such services are typically under the jurisdiction of the PSRB or are high risk civil patients who are voluntarily admitted or civilly committed to the hospital.
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