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Mental Health Bed Availability
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Program Details  
Mental Health Bed Availability
Program Details
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Agency   St. Vincent's Medical Center
Program   Intermediate Care (ICC)
Service   Inpatient
Address   Westport, CT
Phones   860-262-7129
Beds   6 Total  -  (1) Open
Description   Intermediate duration acute psychiatric care (ICC) is an extended period of intensive rehabilitation provided to an individual with a documented psychiatric diagnosis who exhibits acute psychiatric symptoms that require ongoing treatment/evaluation delivered in a hospital setting by a specialized multi-disciplinary team focused on clinical stabilization, psychiatric rehabilitation, skill development, and continuous observation during an average length of stay of 30-45 days. These individuals will then return to a community setting. Individuals are usually inpatient at a community hospital and it is determined they need a longer length of stay. Referrals are typically made by the LMHA in conjunction with the treatment team at the community hospital.
For questions or comments please contact DMHAS at 860-418-6946